18 June – Monster Shed Workshop – Construction of Flowerpot Antennas

We held a MONSTER shed workshop to construct flowerpot antennas on Sunday 18 June at The Collective Community Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Rd, . Around 30 people turned out and 22 antennas were built. The event commence dat 1.30pm with an introduction to the build by Bruce ZL2ABC. Teams of 4 to 5 people worked through a number of “stations” in building their antennas. We needed to be out of the building by 4pm, which was rather tight!

A special thanks to Bruce’s XYL who provided scones and personal service at the tea/coffee zone.

This was a special shed workshop for any amateur (or prospective amateur operator) interested in building their own Flowerpot Antenna (see https://vk2zoi.com/articles/dual-band-half-wave-flower-pot/).   Members of other Wellington region clubs were welcome to participate in this activity!

The cost of the antenna was $20.