Honorary Life Members

The club recognises the outstanding service of members of the club by awarding them honorary life membership.  This is an honorary role and members are encouraged to make a donation in lieu of a membership fee.

The table below shows the names of those known to be honorary life members.

Honour YearNameCallsign
2023Mike WoodsZL1AXG
2012Brian MillerZL1AZE
2012Mike Kerr SKZL2BCW
2008Bill Hamer SKZL2CD
2004Ralph Sutton SKZL2AOH
1998Trevor KingZL2AKW
1996Doug McNeill SKZL2AOV
1995Bob Healey SKZL2ALZ
1995Val Parminter SKZL2AJ
1995Dan Doyle SKZL2AQC
1995John Gabites SKZL2AQ