Sunday Net

The club has a regular “sked” on 7055kHz LSB on Sundays at 9.30am local time. Members and visitors are welcome to sign in.

Too busy for the Sunday Net!

The Branch Net represents a good social opportunity, but it also tests your equipment and operations and can be  helpful with understanding antenna performance, and local propagation challenges (given ground wave communications are limited in our region due to the topography).

If you are net control and can’t make your slot please notify the convener (Bernard ZL2BD at

Net protocol is generally as follows:

  • A net control will call stations in at the appointed time.  The net control will use the club callsign (ZL2WB)
  • The net control will indicate the order of stations.   The net proceeds “round robin” without requiring all stations to return to net control.
  • The first round of contacts usually involves brief signal reports on all stations and a brief update.
  • The second round is typically more conversational.

Generally the net concludes within 15 minutes.

SundayNet Control
3 Dec 2023Mike ZL2VMH
10 Dec 2023Bernard ZL2BD
17 Dec 2023George ZL2AG
24 Dec 2023Eben ZL2EF
31 Dec 2023Mike ZL2VMH
7 Jan 2024Bob ZL2AVM
14 Jan 2024Bernard ZL2BD
21 Jan 2024George ZL2AG
28 Jan 2024Eben ZL2EF
4 Feb 2024Mike ZL2VMH
11 Feb 2024Bob ZL2AVM
18 Feb 2024Bernard ZL2BD
25 Feb 2024George ZL2AG