ZL2BD HV Magnetic Loop Butterfly Capacitor

The now very well regarded high voltage butterfly capacitor kit designed by Bernard Robbins ZL2BD will be launched by Branch 50 (Wellington) NZART in a couple of months time.

This will be your opportunity to acquire a butterfly capacitor suitable for an HF transmitting magnetic loop. The kit details and price will be available shortly, but enquiries can already be made to: tradingtable@zl2wb.com

Our shed workshop on 6 September 2020 will be an online Zoom session open to any amateur operator interesting in magnetic loop antennas. Bernard will be giving you all the details on transmitting magnetic loop antennas and he will demonstrate how to assemble the capacitor to make it easy for you to build the kit. It is dead simple to build!

Sunday 5 July: Hive Makerspace introduction and Demo by John ZL2XJ of the Nano-VNA

The programme for the afternoon (1pm – 3pm at the Waitohi – Johnsonville Library) involves:

1] HIVE makerspace introduction and demonstration

Tūhura HIVE is the makerspace and sound studio, located on the lower ground floor of Johnsonville Library at the Waitohi Community Hub. It has facilities for:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D scanning
  • Laser cutting
  • Audio recording studio

One of the Makerspace Specialists will give a 30 minute introduction and discussion about the facilities available for our use.

The talk / walkthrough on what is available, objective of the space, how we could use the space / get involved (either individually or as a group)

For those interested we’ll look to the demonstration of sample project using the laser cutter

2] For the second part of the afternoon John ZL2XJ will give a short talk / demonstration of the NanoVNA and the associated PC software tool to test filters and antennas

We will finish promptly at 3pm as we have only a 2 hour booking.  Everybody is invited to join us upstairs at Common Ground Café (at cost) afterwards as no tea and coffee will be provided.


Meeting at Waitohi (Johnsonville Library) – 21 June

A Special Meeting to amend club rules in light of Covid-19 and the phasing out of cheques by major banks was scheduled for Sunday 21 June from 1pm – 3pm. This was the first face-to-face meeting since Covid-19 set NZ back in 2020.

Details of the amendments to our rules were sent to members in advance. Club members accepted the proposed changes proposed to the Rules, which can be found on this website under Club Business.

The special meeting was followed by our regular monthly meeting where Frank ZL2TTS spoke to a Powerpoint presentation on HF propagation.  Frank is one of our most active DXers and he discussed key considerations in successfully making DX contacts at the bottom of the solar cycle based on propagation via the ionosphere.

This was also the first time we have met at Waitohi Hub – in the maker space meeting rooms.  A number of members met in the cafe afterwards for coffee and snacks.

YOTA OC – Youngsters On The Air Oceania – live on Facebook!

YOTA OC – Youngsters On The Air Oceania is now live on Facebook!

Go and check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/YOTAOC


#YoungAmateurRadioOperators 5-26 IARU

YOTA is a quickly growing group of young radio amateurs from around the world. It is our goal to get more young people interested in amateur radio and grow the amateur radio community. We will do this by hosting online and on-air events and also physical events like camps and the like.