June Shed Workshop – Tips and tricks for the iCOM IC7300

A number of members have the iCOM IC7300 transceiver as their primary base transceiver. One member has an iCOM IC705 which has a similar user interface.

This workshop provides an opportunity for members to share their tips and tricks in using the IC7300. Even if you don’t have this rig, you should find it interesting how iCOM have developed their user interface. While it is straight forward to use, there are a number of traps that people discover as they go along. For example, if you have been using the rig on 10m FM (or similar) you may have adjusted the squelch control (which is shared with the RF volume control). When you switch back to 7.055 MHz for the Branch 50 NZART net on Sunday, you may find you can’t hear anything. Not even any band noise. You panic! What has gone wrong with my $2000 appliance? The answer is simple, always check the RF gain setting if you can’t hear anything.

Presenters will include Malcolm ZL2UDF, John ZL2XJ, Bernard ZL2BD, and Mike ZL1AXG.

We will be covering a range of topics including, pre-operating checks, simple controls (Gain controls, band switching, changing frequency on the waterfall display, using the attenuators and pre-amps, etc)

We will also delve a bit deeper into less frequently used features, including interfacing the rig to a computer, how to use the accessory outputs (e.g. to provide band-switching on a linear amplifier) and how to build a small interface to switch between pre-recorded voice messages for contest calling, recording the rig’s settings on the SD-Card, recording audio to the SD-Card, and further details on the various display modes (e.g. seeing RX and TX audio spectrum graphs on the display.

The shed meeting will be at John ZL2XJ’s QTH (9 Ridley Green, Churton Park) from 1pm on Sunday 5 June (yes that is Queen’s Birthday weekend). The meeting will finish by 3pm with tea, coffee and biscuits.


May Meeting: Evolution of hardware data transfer protocols

Everybody is welcome to attend our regular meeting on Sunday 17 May 2022 from 1pm to 3pm at The Collective Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville. Mike ZL1AXG will be speaking on the topic of serial and USB ports and their evolution over the years to the current USB-C standard, and it’s ability to provide up to 100w of power (PD100) to a device. Malcolm ZL2UDF will demonstrate his USB cable testing unit.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available following our meeting.

Branch 50 NZART AGM

The Branch AGM took place on Tuesday 19 April at around 1.50pm following the RemoteDX Inc AGM (which commenced at 1pm).

The venue was the Collective Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville. Ten members were present, meeting our rules for a quorum. Mike ZL1AXG also gave a short talk on “virtualisers and emulators”, although he had trouble with his computer projecting on the larger screen, so was unable to demonstrate some of the features he discussed. The meeting concluded with tea and coffee at around 2.50pm.

The Agenda and Reports are available below:

20 March meeting:  Assembling some basic test equipment

13:00 – 15:00 ZOOM meeting due to Omicron:

Bernard ZL2BD and Mike ZL1AXG gave a Zoom talk on assembling a basic set of test equipment to support  typical operating and antenna and equipment construction projects undertaken by amateur radio operators.   This equipment is so very affordable today.   The talk discussed relative priorities for purchases, and how to avoid making costly mistakes.