Become an amateur radio operator: Take a HamCram!

The Wellington Amateur Radio Club has now hosted three HamCrams. We try and mmake it easy to get to be an amateur radio operator. We have an 81% pass rate.

There is already a wait list for a future HamCram. Our next HamCram is on 21 – 23 June 2024, but this HamCram will almost certainly be full after those already on the wait list have registered. It is, however, worth applying to be on the wait list as sometimes vacancies arise at the last minute. If you are interested in joining us at a HamCram, please email Mike ZL1AXG now to pre-register.

Bernard ZL2BD explaining a technical point in the April 2023 HamCram

Kits and books

The following kits and books are available for purchase through our trading table. We are getting low on stock of our exclusive Magnetic Loop kits so be in quick!

Only $25 incl. NZ shipping
Only $25 incl. NZ shipping
Only $25 incl. NZ shipping
Available as an A4 workshop manual ($35 incl .shipping ) or A5 book ($25 incl. shipping)
Magnetic Loop Kit available for $90 incl. NZ shipping

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Meshtastic is software that runs on very affordable and tiny LoRa devices to provide texting services that can travel long distances at 915MHz. A presentation on Meshtastic was given at the May 2024 meeting of the Wellignton Amateur Radio Club. The presentation is available for download here.

A New Multi-Mode Repeater for Wellington

Wellington Amateur Radio Club (ZL2WB) is excited to share that our new multi-mode digital repeater is live!

This repeater gives amateur operators in the region the ability to use digital networks without a hotspot and provides another form of communication not only in the region but across Aotearoa and the World! As the repeater is connected to the internet, those who are out of range but have a MMDVM hotspot will be able to talk with those using the repeater if you’re on the same talkgroup.

Our repeater is currently located in Newlands and is available for any licenced amateur to use; we encourage you to do so if you are within range. Remember to set up your DMR ID.

The repeater is currently set up for DMR using the Brandmeister and FreeDMR Networks, and also for D-Star users. Over time, we will continue to review the available networks, and we are happy to hear feedback on which networks you would like to see or have available on the repeater.

For more information on how to use each network, timeslot and dynamic talkgroup settings, which networks are currently available, the repeater status, and the repeater dashboard, you can visit the repeater tab on this site.