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Wellington Branch 50 NZART is pleased to bring you our Trading Table. On this page you will find out about the latest products we are making available to amateur radio enthusiasts in NZ (and overseas by arrangement).

Mag Loop Capacitor Starter Kit Available

This is a very easy to build variable capacitor with widely spaced plates. The configuration is a butterfly design, so that there are no sliding contacts to either side of the capacitor electrodes.

The capacitor stator plates are suspended on four M6 brass threaded rods. This makes direct connection to the ends of a robust loop conductor very practical. This very direct connection will keep the mag loop resistive losses to a minimum which is very important if building a transmitting loop.

The value of the capacitor in pico Farads (pF) can be adapted to a wide range of mag loop arrangements by adding or removing stator and rotor plates that are held on the threaded rods with M6 brass nuts.

The starter kit with 9 rotor plates and 20 stator plates will give a capacitance of about 12pF to 65pF and a voltage rating of 3.5kV.


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Kit of Parts

Magnetic Loop Antenna Capacitor Kit of Parts

The starter kit is supplied with 5 threaded rods that are 90mm long to take the full complement of 9 rotor plates and 20 stator plates, using the supplied M6 nuts as spacers.

Different plate spacing can be achieved by doubling up the nuts, or using longer tubular spacers and longer threaded rods if higher voltage ratings are sought. This will also reduce the capacitance in pF per plate set.

Full instructions are available for assembly. These can be found on our support page.