Shed Workshops

Shed Workshops: An introduction

Over the second half of 2018 the club held regular Shed Workshops. These proved popular, providing an opportunity for amateur operators to learn about techniques and topics in a more practical setting in somebody’s shed/garage on a Sunday afternoon.  They also represent a chance to  share technical experience and ideas and to get started on a new project.  

Each workshop has a nominated lead and is held in someone’s garage or shed. The workshops usually focus on a specific topic or technical activity, although this does not preclude anyone introducing unscheduled topics at a workshop.

Workshops may spin off projects, such as the construction of homebrew Magnetic Loop Antennas by 8 members in 2018 and resulted in two different workshop sessions on this topic.   Where a series of workshops are focussed on construction of something of interest to attendees (or a group of attendees), donations may be requested to cover consumables/projects

Workshop format

Workshops are scheduled for a Sunday between 1pm and 3pm, normally on the first full weekend of a month.   Each workshop session has a nominated lead/convenor who sets the agenda and timetable as appropriate. Bernard ZL2BD, Don ZL2BL and Mike ZL1AXG kicked things off in 2018, but hopefully there will be other contributors in 2019.

Past topics from 2018

1 . Antenna Tuners: Pi tuners, L match, Z match tuners, etc. Air core coils vs toroid inductors. Partial automation using band switch signal from transceiver. Full automatic tuning and how it works. Demo of various tuners.

2. Kitset Transceivers: Build a Bitx40 (US$59) or uBITx (US$109)

Lead: ZL1AXG, Location: 2 Derry Hill, Churton Park

3. Magnetic loop Antennas: Practical Construction techniques, Demo and tests on a mag loop installation (2 sessions)

Lead: ZL2BD, Location 1 Winsley Tce, Churton Park

5. Power Supplies: switch mode and analogue. Show and tell. Checking for hash and filtering techniques.

Possible topics for 2019

1. Multimeters: Old and modern show and tell. Checking accuracy and meter calibration.   SCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY

2. Transceiver and Linear Amp testing: Two tone tests (SSB) and power measurements. Using RemoteDX Inc Remote Station equipment for demonstration.

3. Active receiving antenna: Build a simple 500kHz to 30MHz Active Whip receiving antenna and test it.

4. Part 1: Audio Projects: Show and tell. Hifi audio and bluetooth systems. Headphones and headphone amps. Instrument and guitar amplifiers.

5. Part 2: Audio Projects, Class D Audio amplifiers: Modules and home assembly of High power Audio. Demonstration of power output measurements on a class D audio Amplifiers.

7. Baluns, Ununs: end-fed matching of suburban antennas. Demos and measurements. 

8. Simple Antennas: Build a dipole, end-fed antenna or windom, multi-band dipole, etc.


Please check the main page of the website or the activities calendar for scheduled shed workshop topics.