Getting on the air

The Wellington Amateur Radio Club has recently increased its focus on attracting new amateur radio operators, alongside an increase in interest in amateur radio. Amateur radio offers a range of activities that span operating “on the air”, to the more technical interests associated with radio equipment and antennas and even construction of such equipment, and to the provision of services to the community during emergencies.

We can assist members of the public interested in getting “on the air” as follows:

  • Talks on amateur radio to interested groups
  • Sitting an examination and getting a callsign
  • HamCrams – where participants spend a weekend (with a little pre-preparation) to receive the training needed to pass the examination (we have a pass rate of over 80%)
  • Pre-HamCram and post-HamCram workshops to introduce you to HF and VHF/UHF operation, assistance in deciding what equipment to buy,
  • Simple antena construction workshop to make sure your signal gets out and about.

To book a talk on amateur radio for your group, contact our Chair, Malcolm ZL2UDF

To register for a HamCram or to book an examination contact Mike ZL1AXG

To update your contact details with RSM or to get a new callsign contact John ZL2HD

Upcoming HamCram related activities