Blackwood Cup

Blackwood CupThe Blackwood Cup is presented annually to a member of the Branch 50  (Wellington) NZART.

The Blackwood Cup was first presented in 1930 and is now perhaps the only physical link with the earliest days of our club. It has been awarded for technical excellence, operating brilliance and for all kinds of other reasons, during its long history.  The late Mr Blackwood donated and named the cup.  Mr Blackwood was a member of the Club in its early years, but he never gained an amateur licence.

In recent years the focus of the Blackwood Cup has returned to home brew construction. At the October meeting, members are invited to provide a brief presentation, of no more than 10 minutes duration, on a home brew project that they have worked on in the previous 12 months.  Typically around three to four entries are received.

The following table indicates the winners of the Blackwood Cup over the years:

2023Eben FourieZL2EFVHF/UHF yagi construction
2022R G NewlandsZL2AGVHF Super-regenerative Receiver
2021J P MoriartyZL2JPMQRP Magnetic Loop & Autotuner
2020J P MoriartyZL2JPMQRP Antenna Tuner modules
2019R G NewlandsZL2AGArtificial ground system
2018D McNeillZL2AOVuBITx Txcvr & mods
2017M H WoodsZL1AXGBITX40 Txcvr mods
2016D McNeillZL2AOVQRP SSB Txcvr
2015J AndrewsZL2HDArduino and GPS driven Real Time Clock
2014M H WoodsZL1AXGFour Square Controller
2013R G NewlandsZL2AGAntique Receiver
2012Ted LinneyZL2TBAntenna Tuner
2011R G NewlandsZL2AGTRF Receiver
2010J AndrewsZL2HDPIC applications
2009A B (Tony) FletcherZL2ALJRecycles 80M QRP TX
2008J AndrewsZL2HDElectronics projects for children
2008R.B VernallZL2CAAntenna 130KHz-54MHz
2007C WassiliefZL2AFPDigital TV and Communications
2006R G StewartZL2AMIRTTY Contesting
2005A B (Tony) FletcherZL2ALJHam Radio History
2004A C Corney and R B VernalZM2ELF World Records
2003C WassiliefZL2AFPNBTV Development
2002G W R Healey & S J MorrisZL2ALZ and ZL2AMMSterling service
2001A C Corney &
R B Vernall
ZL6QH1st Amateur LF Transmission
2000B D MillerZL1AZELeader of National Field Day winning team 1998, 1999 and 2000
1999R L SuttonZL2AOHPrepared speech
1998W R HamerZL2CDHome brew ATU
1997R L SuttonZL2AOHPrepared speech
1996J F GabitesZL2AQImpromptu talk
1995R B VernallZL2CADigital filter
1994R G NewlandsZL2THQDC Power Load
1993R B VernallZL2CATest equipment
1992R B Vernall (1st equal)ZL2CAHF Amplifier
1992A C Corney (1st equal)ZL2BBJLF Loops
1991R E WillsZL2TTTalk on QSL Cards
1990A C CorneyZL2BBJSignal Generator
1989R G NewlandsZL2THQTalk on WWII equipment
1988T C KingZL2AKWShort talk
1987J F GabitesZL2AQFavourite Antenna
1986P W BlakeleyZL2KATalk on QSL Cards
1985W J ChisholmZL2TSFLong serving committee member
1984R MotionZL2LXBest lecture
1983T C KingZL2AKWHome construction
1982S R CarranZL2SRPower Supply
1981R G NewlandsZL2THQAntique microphone talk
1980M J B KerrZL2BCWOld style transmitter
1975M J B KerrZL2BCWCW keyboard and Transmitter
1974D TaylorZL2AKSCommunications Receiver
1973W R HamerZL2CDSSB Transmitter
1972B M DurdleZL2TLBCommunications Receiver
1971M KingZL2AVEDigital Frequency Dial
1970D M RoylandsZL2AVPWorld Time Clock
1969D M RoylandsZL2AVPPower Supply
1968A V DewsnapZL2THPTransistor Competition
1963W S StrongZL2ATETransmitter Hunt
1962J R SewellZL2ASOTransmitter Hunt
1961J R SewellZL2ASOTransmitter Hunt
1960R G BlagdonZL2OMTransmitter Hunt
1954R G ChatfieldZL2AVTest Equipment
1953K A BarghZL2ACVGrid Dip Oscillator
1952G W R HealeyZL2ALZStation Competition
1952R G ChatfieldZL2AVReceiver
1951Fred CropleyZL2AAHElectronic key
1950R CasseyZL2IQWave meter
1950R CasseyZL2IQBreak In Article
1949R SutherlandZL2AIWCW Contest
1949T G TaylorZL2GPQSL Card
1941R A CarrZL2DLTape recorder
1940B E JacksonZL2FJRadio talk
1939S L LawsonZL2MCPortable Xmtr & Rcvr
1938F B LoughZL2OGRadio talk
1937A J CunniffeZL2TWRadio talk
1935W R SchrodoskiZL2RSFrequency meter
1934J McLaughlinZL2NOCode sending
1934C G LiddellZL2BIOverload Relay
1933W G MaceZL2NYFrequency Meter
1932H C McCabeZL2HAQSL Card Design
1932H C McCabeZL2HAQRP Copying Test
1931F A McNeillZL2CDEmergency Transmitter
1930S H PerryZL2BCQRP Test

Awarding of the Next Blackwood Cup

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