August Meeting – Bob Morris ZL2AVM speaking on his time in TV broadcasting

Bob ZL2AVM (on right) with Ted ZL2TB, March 2021

Those who have heard Bob ZL2AVM speak about his days at sea or as a young person experimenting with amateur radio in Cornwall, will know that he always gives a great presentation.   Come along to the Maker Hive at the Waitohi Centre (Johnsonville Public Library) on Sunday 15 August from 1pm to 3pm to hear his latest talk on his career in Commercial Television Broadcasting. How ships and television transmitting stations weren’t so different after all!

All are welcome.  Tea and Coffee will be available upstairs in the Cafe, courtesy of the club, following the meeting,

18 July 2021 Meeting – Trevor ZL2AKW and the Br 50 Projects Group

Our meeting on 18 July at the Johnsonville Library (Waitohi Hub Makerspace) attracted 10 members.

Trevor ZL2AKW gave a talk on the Projects Group that developed a wide range of projects for ZL amateurs during the 1970’s through to the 1990’s.   He covered “the why, the how, and the outcome”.  Kits discussed included the QT silent tune up kit, the Chelmsford transceiver and tuners. Trevor also brought along some of the completed kits.

The Projects group had some very talented and well qualified contributors.  One in ten active NZ Hams of the era bought at least one kit. The Chelmsford CW transceiver was a popular kit for portable operation.  While some maybe were never completed, none went wrong!

Tea and coffee (courtesy of the club)was available after the meeting in the cafe upstairs.

June Meeting: Midwinter feast and reminiscing

A small group turned out on a very damp and chilly day for our mid-winter food celebration at a new venue – at the Collective Hub in Johnsonville.  Attendees were encouraged to bring a plate of either hot or cold finger food to share with others. 

We spent the time discussing amateur radio topics …. perhaps not so much on reminiscing … but rather on the future of our hobby and current projects.  

Sunday 16 May Meeting with ZL2HUT

Our May Meeting was scheduled for 1pm on Sunday 16 May 2021 at the Waitohi Hive Maker Rooms (Johnsonville Public Library).

We welcomed back former RSM manager Ian Hutchings ZL2HUT, who will give a presentation on Mana Coastguard communications upgrades. This was a very interesting presentation. The Mana Coastguard marine band repeater arrangements involve multiple linked repeaters on Kapiti Island and on the mainland. There had been issues with access to the repeater on the coast south of Titahi Bay. The problems were solved, but not without quite of work as the system was not well documented and there proved to be access issues with one of the repeater sites. A new site is being scoped for the South Coast on Cook Strait. This provides for some interesting possibilities for amateur radio use, in addition to solving coverage in Cook Strait, particularly near the shoreline.

The meeting also considered the AREC remit for the NZART Annual Conference, and approved the proposed changes to the NZART Constitution.

The meeting concluded with tea or coffee upstairs in the cafe courtesy of branch funds.