Christmas Dinner

We met for Christmas Dinner on 6 December 2017 at the Thai Country Café, 124 Main Road, Tawa, at 7pm.  Some 16 members and XYLs attended.  A good time was had, but some weren’t used to the more spicy tastes!

Nosh ‘n Natter in June

Our 20 June 2017 meeting at the Lutheran Church Hall, King St, Mt Cook reflected our ever popular mid-winter Nosh n’ Natter.   Plates of food (many heated up in the oven reflecting the colder weather) were pulled out after a very short business meeting.   A valve VHF receiver was on display (thanks to the folk from Wrights Hill Fortress).  There was lots of catch ups and chatter about amateur radio topics of interest to members.

Bring food to heat up!

[CANCELLED] 1 February BBQ at Chairman’s QTH

The BBQ planned for our regular meeting date in January was postponed  due to the incoming weatherbomb (and just as well!).  It was then rescheduled for 1 February.  Unfortunately, the weather is not looking too great for the rescheduled BBQ date.

Please note that the February meeting will be held as per usual at the normal club meeting rooms (Lutheran Church Hall, King St, Mt Cook) at 7.30pm.  See you there!

Mid-winter Nosh ‘n’ Natter @ Wright’s Hill Fortress

Bring food to heat up!
People brought food to heat up!

Wednesday 15 June at Wright’s Hill Fortress, 7.30pm.

Club members Don ZL2BL and George ZL2AG were our hosts for this event.

The Fortress is at the top of Wrights Hill Rd, and while the views from the top of Wright’s Hill are impressive, we weren’t up there for the views.  Instead we went underground to the rabbit warren of concrete-lined tunnels built in the second half of World War II as part of a protection system for Wellington from foreign invaders.   The big gun installed at Wright’s Hill could send shells around the harbour and further afield.

Members got to have a chat, peruse the old war recruiting materials, and then venture out of the meeting room to check out the restored radio shack, complete with ZC1s and other vintage equipment.   Overall it was a very enjoyable evening and not as cold as we had anticipated underground!