18 June – Monster Shed Workshop – Construction of Flowerpot Antennas

We held a MONSTER shed workshop to construct flowerpot antennas on Sunday 18 June at The Collective Community Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Rd, . Around 30 people turned out and 22 antennas were built. The event commence dat 1.30pm with an introduction to the build by Bruce ZL2ABC. Teams of 4 to 5 people worked through a number of “stations” in building their antennas. We needed to be out of the building by 4pm, which was rather tight!

A special thanks to Bruce’s XYL who provided scones and personal service at the tea/coffee zone.

This was a special shed workshop for any amateur (or prospective amateur operator) interested in building their own Flowerpot Antenna (see https://vk2zoi.com/articles/dual-band-half-wave-flower-pot/).   Members of other Wellington region clubs were welcome to participate in this activity!

The cost of the antenna was $20.

11 June: Introduction to Emergency Comms & AREC

We met at The Collective Community Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Road, from 1pm – 3pm on 11 June 2023, for an introductory session on emergency communications (under AREC).

This event provided new and older members with an interest in emergency communications with the required introduction to passing emergency traffic for AREC or Civil Defence events.   

There was no requirement to sign up with AREC, but this event was ddesigned to provide an overview of AREC activities and provide encouragement for amateur operators to join AREC. Tea, coffee and biscuits concluded the meeting.