4 October Shed Workshop

Wellgood loop – a broadband RX only loop

Our next shed workshop is on 4 October from 1pm to 3pm at Bernard ZL2BD’s QTH at 1 Winsley Tce, Churton Park. All are welcome. Tea and coffee will be available at the conclusion of the workshop.

The topic involves summarising further RX Magnetic Loop experiments that Bernard ZL2XJ has undertaken.

Is a broadband RX loop as good as a tuned loop? Do you still get an advantage in using a phasing device to null out noise? Would a RX only loop be better than a TX loop for most amateur operators? What do RX loops look like? How big does an RX loop need to be to cover100kHz to 30mHz? All your questions will be answered!

This shed workshop will be available online as well through Zoom. Registration details to come shortly.

Shed Workshop: An introduction to a low cost SDR Spectrum Analyser

SDR Spectrum Analyzer

Our Ted Talk for the year (from Ted ZL2TB) was scheduled for Sunday 2 August from 1pm to 3pm at Ted’s QTH, 14 Quigley St, Newlands. Thirteen members enjoyed Ted’s introduction to his low cost SDR Spectrum Analyser (available for around $500) that can be procured through the internet. This device can be used for all sorts of purposes, with slightly differing models having slightly different features.

Ted gave a practical demonstration of potential use cases that reflected his personal interests in the VHF, UHF and microwave spectrum, such as looking at the output of the FM radio stations on Mt Kaukau in Wellington, the transponder outputs (including half transponders) from satellite signals able to be received in Wellington. Given the affordability of the device and potential to examine a broad spectrum all at once, this session was of interest to members.

ZL2BD HV Magnetic Loop Butterfly Capacitor

The now very well regarded high voltage butterfly capacitor kit designed by Bernard Robbins ZL2BD will be launched by Branch 50 (Wellington) NZART in a couple of months time.

This will be your opportunity to acquire a butterfly capacitor suitable for an HF transmitting magnetic loop. The kit details and price will be available shortly, but enquiries can already be made to: tradingtable@zl2wb.com

Our shed workshop on 6 September 2020 will be an online Zoom session open to any amateur operator interesting in magnetic loop antennas. Bernard will be giving you all the details on transmitting magnetic loop antennas and he will demonstrate how to assemble the capacitor to make it easy for you to build the kit. It is dead simple to build!