First meeting of plain old Br 50 – April 2018

The first meeting of the new Branch 50 (Wellington) NZART kicked off Wednesday 18 April at our regular meeting location (Lutheran Church Hall in King St, Mt Cook) with a report back from the first committee meeting of the new committee.

Ideas for meetings through calendar 2018 were discussed with positive feedback to all proposed themes.  Now the committee has to get to and arrange all of these items!

Members also agreed to the sale of the club rig (IC7410), purchased in 2014.  A discussion at a subsequent meeting will determine whether or not this equipment should be replaced.  This will also determine what happens to other related station equipment (such as a 12v power supply and tuner).

Bernard ZL2BD had planned to give an intro to the Shed Workshops.  Unfortunately, Bernard was sick, so Mike ZL1AXG gave a bit of a taster session for  the first of the upcoming shed workshops. The first topic will be on antenna matching.

Please do come to the inaugural Shed Workshop at 1pm on Sunday 27 April at Bernard’s QTH (1 Winsley Tce, Churton Park).  No need to bring anything.  Just yourself.

Mike ZL1AXG gave a brief talk about some of his recent purchases, including a very cheap L-C meter, a 2.8″ colour touch screen that plugs into an Arduino Mega, a 16 key keypad that uses a single analogue input on a processor, and a collection of low pass filters on a relay board (sourced from

Catch you at the Shed Workshop next Sunday!