Shed Workshop: Vintage Radio

At our shed workshop in the afternoon of Saturday 13 April, George ZL2AG opened up his garage and museum to the club to host a workshop on vintage radios. We were intrigued by the progression in designs – from expensive crystal sets (with galenium cat’s whisker diodes, through to feedback designs like the TRF, before the age of superhets.

George ZL2AG talking to his homebrew vintage-style radio, with John ZL2XJ and Don ZL2BL assisting

There were also changes also in the shape of cabinetry – from cathedral, through to tombstone and chest designs. George was lamenting the sharp fall off in interest in vintage radio, and was concerned about where all the beautifully restored vintage sets will end up. Tea and coffee was served at the conclusion of the workshop. A further workshop on vintage radios will take place in May.

A most unusual German set, with 3 valves in one enclosure

Test equipment Shed Workshop – Saturday 9 March

On Saturday 9 March a shed workshop was held at the QTH of Mike ZL1AXG from 1pm – 3pm on the topic of test equipment. A number of speakers gave brief presentations (Mains power analyser and Vector Network Analyser by John ZL2JPM, a logic analyser by Kenneth ZS6KEN, a digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyser by Bernard ZL2BD, a Megger by Malcolm ZL2UDF, and analogue scopes by Don ZL2BL). This included a brief description of the purpose, indicative cost and tips and tricks in using the equipment. Eleven turned up and found plenty useful in the talks.

January BBQ and Estate Sale

It’s summer time! BBQ time.

Our annual club BBQ was held on 16 January 2018 at the Chairperson’s QTH in Churton Park. 15 members and one partner were present.

Following the BBQ (approx. 7.30pm – 8pm), members disappeared into Mike’s garage to look over Silent Key Doug ZL2AOV’s collection of parts, projects and equipment. Around two thirds of the high value items received a bid in excess of the reserve and were sold on the night. Some missed out on the piece of gear they were seeking to acquire because they were over-bid. THere was also plenty of junk. Only five crates ended up at the tip, so most of Doug’s amateur radio gear was recycled into the deep junk boxes of club members. Some got absolute bargains!

Piles of junk, or real bargains?