Follow on Magnetic Loops Shed Workshop #4

Bernard ZL2BD hosted another shed workshop on Sunday 5 August 2018 from 1pm -3pm at his QTH.  Due to interest in  Small Magnetic Loop antennas, this month’s workshop was a follow on session to assist those committed to construct a loop antenna. Several people purchased Capacitor Kits to make an air spaced butterfly capacitor.  Progress is being made on sourcing LDF4-50 1/2” coax and possibly LDF 5-50 1” coax for the loop material to be made  available to those who want this material.  It’s not too late to order a kit if you haven’t done so. 

Bernard talked about practical matters, such as how to construct the capacitor enclosure and plastic waterpipe housing for the antenna, as well as practical details on putting together the capacitor kit, and selection of motor drivers and gearbox, etc.

Mike ZL1AXG talked to a design that provides for real-time tracking and tuning of a magnetic loop.  A circuit board is available to purchase from North America.    He talked about where to source  components including the processor (Teensy 3.2), a 100 step rotation encoder, 51uH twin coil chokes, the stepper motor driver chips,  and the stepper motor and gearbox.

Bernard provided pre-calculated details for a 2m diameter 40m loop, which most seemed keen to build.