Service Manual – New Zealand Wireless Set No.ZC1 MKII

By Bernard Robbins ZL2BD

Available NOW in two different formats

Options: An A4 sized comb-bound manual that will lie flat and is good in a workshop environment. 110 Pages.  Cost Including Shipping $35 An A5 sized bound book for convenient reference that fits in a standard bookcase. The A5 book has four, fold- out circuit diagrams. Total 164 pages. Cost including Shipping is $25

An introduction to the manual

In this book Bernard reproduces the ZC1 service manual, which has been out of print for about 80 years. This book represents a primary source of technical information for those restoring the ZC1 MKIl. The original five Chapters is extended to ten by adding a significant amount of additional servicing information. Bernard provides a range of other useful circuit information including design enhancements and modifications developed by a range of amateur operators over the years.

This radio was produced by the New Zealand Government for use by the armed services during World War II. There are still many of these 80-year-old radios around, but finding supporting documentation today can be difficult.

Information is provided on a low cost, solid-state replacement for the vibrator. There is also a brief history of the ZC1 by Chris Underwood ZL2CU

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