Meeting 15 November 2022

What is it?

We were asked to bring along something related to amateur radio to talk about at our meeting on Tuesday 15 November from 1pm – 3pm. We met at the Collective Hub, 1/33 Johnsonville Road and finished with tea, coffee and biscuits. Some of the things brought along included:

  • a CW practice oscillator
  • a two-tone generator for testing SSB TX
  • a mini mesh node configured for tunneling via a cellphone to the Wellington Mesh
  • 12v booster
  • 2 axis Globe for easy estimation of HF DX paths.
  • Slide rule calculators for antenna feedlines and power line carriers from th 60’s

John ZL2JPM gave his perspectives on a recent visit to Tasmania for a hamvention.

This was our last regular meeting for 2022, but our Christmas Dinner was on Monday 5 December 2022 at 12 noon. Contact Malcolm ZL2UDF to confirm your attendance and that of your XYL.

Shed Workshop November 2022: Emergency!

Have you thought about what you would do in an emergency? Come along to our last shed workshop for the year on 6 November from 1pm to 3pm. The venue is John ZL2XJ’s QTH at 9 Ridley Place, Churton Park, Wellington.

This session will be characterised by a discussion of how you have prepared for a major emergency. This will include, what you will do to keep yourself and your family alive, and how your amateur radio gear can be used to help your neighbours. What provisions have you set aside? Would the batteries in your existing portable equipment (e.g. handhelds and phones) be charged up, and how could they be recharged? What about your ham shack? Have you got a UPS or emergency power system?

All are welcome! The workshop will conclude with tea, coffee and biscuits.

Blackwood Cup October Meeting

The Blackwood Cup

Three members brought out their homebrew projects to have a go at winning the annual Blackwood Cup. We met at The Collective Hub,  1/33 Johnsonville Rd on Tuesday 18 October from 1pm to 3pm (followed by tea and coffee). The winner this year was George ZL2AG (not for the first time!).

The Blackwood Cup has been fought over since the early 1930s. The most recent winners:

2021J P MoriartyZl2JPMQRP Magnetic Loop & Autotuner
2020J P MoriartyZL2JPMQRP Antenna Tuner modules
2019R G NewlandsZL2AGArtificial ground system
2018D McNeillZL2AOVuBITx Txcvr & mods
2017M H WoodsZL1AXGBITX40 Txcvr mods

Who will win the cup in 2023? You have 52 weeks to get your project completed!

Club member Bob ZL2CA wins Amateur of the Year award

Wellington Branch 50 NZART club member, Bob Vernall ZL2CA, was awarded Amateur of the Year 2021 by NZART at the 2022 Annual Conference. Bob was instrumental in freeing up the 60m band for amateur radio use. Many amateurs will be grateful for opening up a new an interesting HF band for daytime use.