Shed Workshop and RemoteDX AGM – 26 May

All are welcome to attend the next shed workshop to be held at Bernard ZL2BD’s QTH at 1 Winsley Tce, Churton Park, Wellington from 1pm to 2.30pm. The topic will be Class D Audio Amplifiers. These audio amplifiers come very cheaply as modules. They have many good points, but there is a downside from an amateur radio perspective. Come and find out more about them and have a look at applications and modules.

There will be a special afternoon tea at 2.30pm followed at 3pm by the AGM of RemoteDX Inc. ALL WELCOME!

Shed Workshop – Vintage Radio #2

At our shed workshop on Sunday 5 May, George ZL2AG opened up his garage and museum to the club to host the second shed workshop on vintage radios. The talk this time was given by Don ZL2BL.

Don first spoke about his restoration of a vintage Eddystone HF receiver. This had been somewhat hacked about by a previous owner, but he has restored it to near the status of the original.

He then talked about a couple of vintage AM radios – one he had restored and one still to be restored. They are illustrated in the photo below

George ZL2AG also had a mystery piece of electronic equipment for us to ponder on. This is clearly something developed for military or government purposes. Our guess is was that it is something like a range finder unit, since it is marked “E”, “N”, and “H” on the three banks of dials. Perhaps “East-West”, “North-South” and “High-Low”?

AGM – 20 March 2019

Our first AGM as a regular Branch of NZART (not separately incorporated as a society) was held at 7.30pm on 20 March at the Lutheran Church Hall in Mt Cook with a good attendance. The agenda covered:

  • Receipt of annual report from the Chair (Mike ZL1AXG)
    Annual accounts were presented by our Secretary/Treasurer (Malcolm ZL2UDF) with special thanks to our Honorary Auditor (Glenn ZL2KZ)
  • Election of officers (Mike ZL1AXG Chair, Malcolm ZL2UDF, Bernard ZL2BD, John ZL2XJ)
  • Demonstration by George ZL2AG of his rare item – a German WW2 long-wave receiver.
  • There was to have been a video on low cost Logic Analysers using the open source Sigrok softare by Mike ZL1AXG, but technical issues getting the projector and computer to talk to each other got in the way of this presentation.

Download accepted annual reports and accounts

Multimeter Shed Workshop – Sunday 10 Feb

The shed workshop on Sunday 10 February was attended by five OMs. Several weren’t able to be present due to a conflict with the Vintage Radio Society. The conflicting time will be remedied for future shed workshops.

The topic for the workshop was provided by Bernard ZL2BD – an introduction to multimeter calibration.

Our measurements and calibration errors

Those attending the workshop brought along their multimeters and these were calibrated on the spot by those attending using an averaging method. Most of us were surprised how poorly the analogue meters (including an AVO) fared, and just how well our modern cheapie (and not so cheap) digital multimeters actually did.

A full report can be downloaded here: