Shed Workshop Sunday 3 July – IC7300 Tips Part 2

iCOM IC7300 Hints and tips – Second session

1pm – 3pm Venue to be confirmed

Those with IC7300’s will give a follow up talk on remaining topics not covered in the first workshop in early June.

This includes more detail on modes of operation for the spectrum scope and waterfall display, how to bring up the audio spectrum displays for RX and TX, storing settings on the SD-Card and using it to record voice messages for use in contests or to record QSOs.

There will also be further discussion and demonstration of software using the USB-B port including logging software, and software to support digital modes such as FT8.

It is hoped to also demonstrate network communications that provides remote operation of the IC7300 over ethernet using WFview’s server/client functions.

ALL WELCOME.  Tea, coffee and biscuits to follow workshop.