Shed Workshop 13 June: An antenna ecosystem and Constructing a simple SSB Transceiver

Controlling field equipment under an ecosystem approach

Note that the June Shed Workshop will be a week later than usual – from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday 13 June 2021. The venue is Mike ZL1AXG’s QTH at 2 Derry Hill, Churton Park.

ALL ARE WELCOME. The workshop will conclude with tea and coffee.

Mike ZL1AXG and Bernard ZL2BD will give an introduction to the concept of an antenna ecosystem, in which a range of antennas can be controlled by a single microprocessor control system.  This could include remote antenna switches (with just one antenna cable into the shack), 4 square switching, directional switching of beverage antennas or similar, tuning of magnetic loop antennas, and rotator control for beam antennas.

Mike ZL1AXG will also introduce Charlie Morris’ Simple Transceiver for 80m SSB and will show off some of the modules under construction, demonstrating how these modules can be tested using a multi-meter, signal generator and oscilloscope.