Phasing two antennas & TX/RX switching – Shed Workshop – 6 October 2019

Bernard ZL2BD will talk to the challenges of switching between RX and TX antennas on your rig and demonstrate a simple circuit (not suitable for break-in keying) to allow us to use our active antenna  or mag loop antenna on RX and our standard antenna on TX (or you can buy one like the MFJ unit above).

He will also demonstrate using a phasing circuit with two RX antennas (through a full 360 degrees) to reduce noise levels.  This can be used with  two active antennas, or in fact, any two antennas.

All welcome at Bernard’s QTH: 1 Winsley Tce, Churton Park. Sunday 6 October 2019 1pm -3pm. Tea and coffee available after the workshop talk.

To whet your appetite you may want to read the following introductory articles: