Auckland’s Unitary Plan – a potential nightmare for amateur radio operators

The first draft of Auckland’s Unitary Plan (District Plan) would have been a nightmare for amateur radio operators wanting to put up antennas in their backyard.  Effectively, hams would have been required to seek a resource consent costing $1000’s for every antenna system, and any change to that system.   NZART and local branches of course have put in a submission.

The feedback report on infrastructure released by the Council following submissions from ratepayers and interested parties had this to say about amateur radio antennas:

“There were a number of comments seeking amateur radio structures and operations to be enabled. Divided views are evident between supporters and opponents of amateur radio operator masts and aerials. While operators suggest a height limit of 15 metres, those opposed suggest the adoption of guidelines from the legacy North Shore City Council which were much more restrictive.”

Town planning decisions in one district, ultimately impact on all other districts looking to update their district plans.   Wellingtonians did not fare well when it came to mast height restrictions in our own District Plan.  It is not too late to make a submission to the Auckland Council, but you must be in by Tuesday 22 July at 5pm.  Glenn Kingston ZL2KT has been following this issue, so you may want to discuss the NZART response with him.

The lastest NZART Infoline has some information on the NZART submission, and the full text of the submission, additional background material and templates for responding to the Auckland Council can be found here: